Phil Donahue Warns Of Bush Assassination

Anti-war TV talkmeister Phil Donahue warned Friday that President Bush would likely provoke his own assassination if he invades Iraq and attempts to take out Saddam Hussein.

The MSNBC talker offered the incendiary prediction during an interview with WABC Radio's Curtis Sliwa, saying that after a U.S.-backed attempt to "knock off" the Iraqi dictator, it would be hard to "keep our president's head out of the crosshairs of a high-powered rifle."

DONAHUE: Does Curtis Sliwa support the invasion of Iraq for the purpose of knocking off Saddam Hussein?

SLIWA: Oh, absolutely. And you know why, Phil?

DONAHUE: Now maybe you'll make a call to the FBI and the Secret Service and tell them how to keep our president's head out of the crosshairs of a high-powered rifle. You know, we're gonna give ourselves permission to knock off another head of state. This endangers heads of state everywhere. (End of Excerpt)

The liberal talker continued his rant, telling Sliwa:

"What's to prevent somebody from getting a message from God and deciding that he can do the same thing to us. ... We don't have any sense at all about the consequences of our behavior. Saddam is bad - knock him off."

Moments after delivering the assassination warning, Donahue made light of reports that Hussein may soon acquire nuclear weapons.

"He's got a bomb, he's got a bomb, let's go get him," the TV talker said sarcastically. "OK, and we'll go get him and your children's children will be putting on uniforms in an attempt to prevent the chaos that will result.


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