Bush Strikes Out Against The Environment

by The Wilderness Society

When it comes to environmental protection, the Bush administration has failed. On issue after issue, the president and his appointees have created new threats to our air, water, land, and wildlife, siding with those interests eager to make a quick profit. Because so many of the appointees have represented those interests throughout their careers, the prospects for a reversal of this record are slim. It will be up to the American people and their representatives in Congress to turn back the administration's efforts to undermine environmental protection.

Energy The White House is championing an energy plan that is a half-century out of date and that bears the fingerprints of the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power industries. Under this blueprint, our environment would be sacrificed in a host of ways.

Science The Bush administration has ignored or misstated the findings of the scientific community, from the values of protecting 58.5 million acres of roadless areas within our national forests or wetlands, to the devastating effects of proposed oil development within the Arctic Refuge.

Public Involvement The administration has ignored the public's views, despite the insistence of Secretary Norton and others that paying more attention to these views is at the heart of their approach.

Lip Service To Environmental Protection On occasion, this administration has acted to protect the environment. For example, at Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida, the Interior Department so far has forcefully backed up the Park Service in its efforts to limit swamp buggy traffic that is degrading the area. A plan to restore and clean up the Great Lakes also has some promise. But most of what the Bush administration takes credit for amounts to nothing more than allowing rules and decisions to stand.

The clean air and water, biological diversity, and inspiration that our national parks, wilderness, and other natural reserves provide are of vital importance. The truly patriotic course of action is not to plunder the most stunning lands we have inherited, but to protect them. Each generation serves as trustee of these natural treasures, and this administration is breaching that trust.

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